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David Godsey - Texas Wesleyan Distinguished Alumni of The Year

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David Godsey and Justin Martin started Godsey Martin in order to advocate Justice. Over the years David Godsey has seen how big companies such as the insurance industry approach justice. After seeing a pattern of greed he decided to take his knowledge and apply it to protecting his community. As the firm continues to grow in size so does their message. Congratulations to our fierce leader David Godsey on receiving the Texas Wesleyan School of Law 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award.

David Godsey

“After working 8 years as an Insurance Adjuster and Claims Manager, I had a front row seat witnessing how ‘Big Insurance Companies’ took advantage those who made claims. I was involved in a process that was intentionally designed to pay people far less than what they were entitled to under the law. I was trained to prey on the claimant’s inexperience, lack of knowledge, and desire to quickly resolve claims to achieve saving the insurance company millions of dollars on an annual basis. I made people feel as if I was on their side, while simultaneously paying them thousands of dollars less than they should’ve received.

Eventually, I developed a feeling of guilt. I quickly noticed that the victims I came into contact with were more than just claim numbers; they were members of our community that needed a voice to correct the injustices they were enduring on a daily basis. I became committed to being that voice.”


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