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Is the iPhone 8 really worth it


Is the iPhone 8 really worth it? Two important infosec reasons to spend $1000 on your phone.

 When it comes to smartphone tech and consumers, it seems that the answer may be across the board, in every situation, that less is more. Mobile phone addiction can be a serious problem for many motorists, which is why there is currently a call for devices to come standard with a “Do Not Disturb Mode” to be enabled when a vehicle is in motion. But do people want to spend $1,000 on a little “less” phone time? The answer may honestly be yes.

As it only takes a split-second to be distracted, it’s important to recognize that that text that’s being sent can really wait. Though Apple is firm that is setting the standard by launching this feature -- many experts and law enforcement officials would like it to be standard across the board for all smartphones.

Even though the standard is admirable, not all sectors of law enforcement are pleased with iOS11. It also has some serious features that are bound to please activists. iPhoneX security measures are now set up to make the the iPhoneX and other devices harder to obtain information from in the case of search and seizure.

 Since in the U.S. law enforcement can compel people to unlock their phones with TouchID, a new feature that allows a person to hit the home button five times in rapid succession is a security measure many are happy to see unfold.

Another security feature making activists happy is a two-step verification process that is engaged whenever an iPhone is connected to a computer. TouchID will not be enough to unlock it if the computer hasn’t already been “trusted” by the user. Only a passcode will unlock it in this circumstance, which means that law enforcement will actually have to search for incriminating evidence on the device or cloud one piece of information at a time instead of exporting it entirely and searching through it in bulk with forensic tools. 

These changes to Apple products provide an extra layer against identity theft as well, which makes devices running on iOS11 very attractive to infosec consumers savvy to concerns about their iPhone8 or iPhone X’s security.


Isn’t $1,000 worth it for these levels of privacy? Many Apple aficionados will think so. It will be interesting to see how these changes affect other platforms relationships to data in the next few  smartphone design cycles.

Face recognition software on this device, however, could actually be problematic with its current design. It can scan your face while it’s lying on a table -- so it’s very important that users, should they not wish to make purchases or divulge all their data do not leave this function to always on, unless the convenience outweighs the risk.


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