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Personal Injury Myths that may Hurt Your Case


There are many myths out there regarding insurance and insurance companies. Believing these myths to be true can end up costing those who have been hit and hurt in an accident thousands of dollars.

Please don’t misunderstand, insurance companies do have their place and provide a service. However, they are still a business and their focus is on making more money. In order to do this, they work diligently to minimize the amount of money they send out for the claims they receive. If a person has been hit and hurt in an accident, the last thing they need is the hassle an insurance company will bring to the negotiation table. Those injured are usually in desperate need of compensation for damages such as vehicle repairs, medical treatment, hospital bills, and lost wages. If you are in need of an attorney to help you sort through an insurance claim following an accident, please contact Brian Mincher and Ryan Rogers – attorneys at Godsey Martin law firm.

 In order to keep as much money as possible, most insurance companies have different strategies in place. One of these strategies is to play off different myths and people’s emotions. Here are eleven of the most common myths folks believe when it comes to insurance claims.

If I am nice and cooperate, the other party’s insurance company will give me a fair offer.

False.  The other party’s insurance company has no sense of responsibility in taking care of you. In fact, you may even be viewed as enemy #1 to them. In order for them to be successful, they must pay you as little as possible.

If I am not at fault, then the insurance company will take care of me.

False.  Even if the other party is 100% at fault, the true struggle is focused on how much the insurance company will pay you for damages, which generally turns out to be as little as possible.

The insurance company in concerned about my injuries and wants to help me.

False.  The claims adjuster working on your accident is trained in making your serious injuries sound minor. You may believe justice will be on your side due to your injuries alone, but they have the skills to convince a jury otherwise.

The insurance company understands how to handle these situations and what amounts to provide.  They’re professionals who know that the offer they’ve given me is fair.

Once again, and for the same reasons stated above, this is false. They are professionals…at saving their company money.

Bringing an attorney into this matter will make me appear greedy.

Hiring a lawyer does not mean that you are greedy. Receiving justice and the compensation you deserve for your accident isn’t the definition of “greed”. As we just covered, these insurance companies are full of professionals who know how to work you and the system in their favor. Hiring an attorney greatly increases your chances at receiving what you actually deserve because they’re professionals as well, and know how to counter the tactics of the insurance companies. You deserve fair compensation.

Hiring an attorney will draw out the process of me receiving money for damages.

This is somewhat true.  Yes, you can accept the first, low offer the insurance company sends you and the process will be complete. If you want what you actually deserve and enough to cover all of the expenses incurred from the accident, then it will take a little bit of time. This isn’t because you hired an attorney though. Building a case that will bring you justice simply takes time, but it will be worth it in the end.

The insurance company will start playing hardball only if I hire an attorney.

False. The claims adjuster may appear to act nice and helpful to you, but they’re simply playing to your emotions because they know it will work. Do not be fooled, most are out to play so that you’ll feel comfortable taking less when they offer it to you. Hiring an attorney will make no difference in how the insurance company views you.

I am not the type of person who sues everyone. The insurance company will understand that I am trying to work with them and they’ll do the same.

More than likely, you aren’t the type of person that files a lawsuit at the drop of a hat. Again, the insurance company doesn’t care how nice you are to them or what acts of kindness you bestow. In fact, they don’t want you to hire an attorney for only one reason – they know that the odds of getting you to settle for less have decreased significantly once you do. They might even try to talk you out of hiring an attorney by making you feel guilty. Don’t buy into this. Also, hiring an attorney doesn’t automatically mean your case will go to trial. Many times, we are able to reach a settlement beforehand because we understand the importance of building a sound case for our clients.

This process is much too stressful. I should accept the offer so I can feel better emotionally.

Being involved in a wreck and dealing with insurance companies is stressful. Dealing with insurance companies is stressful. Going to court can be stressful as well. But if you believe that accepting their first offer will help alleviate your stress and settle your emotions, you will be terribly disappointed. Once you realize that the amount you were given isn’t enough to cover all of your medical bills, continued treatments for injuries, car repairs, and possible lost wages, then your emotional state will be in a state of unrest once again. In order to properly move forward, you need to get the money you deserve so you can get your life back on track. 

The insurance company told me if I didn’t accept their offer soon, that I would miss the deadline to receive anything.

While it is true that there is a statute of limitations on filing a claim for personal injury, but in Texas you have two years to do so (Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code Sec. 16.003). This is just another lie told by insurance companies to play off your stress and force you into accepting an offer out of fear and lack of knowledge.

Hiring an attorney will mean less money for me.

This may be true at some law firms, but not at Godsey Martin. With attorneys Brian Mincher and Ryan Rogers on your side, you will end up receiving far more money than the insurance company initially offered you. They will work to make sure you receive the full amount you deserve for the damages you suffered. What you are awarded in the end will far outweigh any fees you pay. Plus, we don’t take any money from you until a settlement has been reached. So there will be no stress or straining the bank account in order to receive what you’re entitled to.

Attorneys who can help

If you have been hit and hurt in an accident, you have one of two choices: buy into the lies and accept the low amount the insurance company will offer you or hire an attorney who understands how to get you're the compensation you truly need.

Brian Mincher and Ryan Rogers are seasoned attorneys with plenty of experience when it comes to taking on the big insurance companies. They know all of their tactics and can help you get back on your feet. If you would like to discuss your legal options, please call today at 877-IGOTHIT or take one minute to fill out our quick online form and a member of our legal team will contact you soon.

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